Corporation Info

Corporation Name:吉藤有限公司
English Name:ICgoodgo Co., Ltd
Unified Business No.:25049212
Person in Charge:Simon Wu


ICgoodgo Co., Ltd. aspires to be the best component supplier in the global spot market. We specialize in the strategic and immediate search of allocated, hard-to-find, and discontinued active and passive electronic components for our customers who experience bottleneck from their normal supply chains. We help our customers from losing business deals and opportunities, as a result of the part shortage or production delay caused by the bottleneck, by delivering fast turnaround solution.

ICgoodgo has business partners worldwide. We provide the most competitive quote and reliable source of stock to our customers by working round the clock and actively contacting our network of distributors and manufacturers in Asia, Europe, and the U.S. Our highly trained international team provides professional service and market information to advise and assist our customers to make the best procurement decision.

Credibility, reliability, and service are our core values. By choosing ICgoodgo, you are working with the best partner in the worldwide open market.

services: Altera,XILINX,LATTICE,BROADCOM,TI,OEM Stock,IC components searching,OEM Excess Purchasing

Shipping & Payment

Service Zone:HK & Macao, China, S-E Asia, Japan & Korea, North America, Latin America, Europe, Oceania, Africa